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Please note: You can only use one email address per membership, so if you are a member already and want to change your NZ membership type, i.e. from say individual to group, use another email address, or if you dont have another email you need to un-join first, login to the membership area and use the update your membership records link and then click on the unsubscribe link. Once you have completed the un-join process you can re-join using one of the four NZ options at left.



”Membership can also be achieved by printing and filling in these paper forms and post them to us.

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Privacy Statement: Personal member information (excluding statistical data) collected by New Health New Zealand Inc is for administrative purposes only and will not be released to any external person or organisation except as required by law. New health will periodically send a Newsletter to members only.

New Health NZ Inc. is an Incorporated Society;
Incorporated societies under NZ law are a body corporate just like a company. That means they have their own legal status and members of the society are not personally liable for the actions or any debts of that organisation in any way.

Why be a member?
If you have ever asked yourself “what can I do, I’m only one person?” here is the answer. By becoming a member of NEW HEALTH you will be playing your part in securing the health freedoms of New Zealand. You will be kept informed on a regular basis and given the opportunity to participate in national and local events. All you need to do in return is keep your details up to date.

What is it for?
NEW HEALTH has arisen from the clear need to have co-ordination between all sectors of the health industry and health consumers. Ensuring that the views shared by all members are properly represented and the industries protected at a time when these industries are coming under increasing attack from pharmaceutical interests and regulators alike.

Regulation and regulators are extremely powerful and have the ability to protect and help consumers or to seriously limit personal freedoms. It is imperative therefore that the system by which these rules are made be constantly and objectively examined to ensure that commercial influence has not permeated the decision making process to the detriment of consumers.

What will it do?
NEW HEALTH has been established with a set of entrenched principles which determine all actions of the society. In this way all members can have confidence that the organisation will only act in accordance with the views that have been the basis of them joining. To view these principle click here.

NEW HEALTH will continue the work that the NZ Health Trust has been doing watching over proposed law changes and ensuring that the health freedoms of NZ 'ers are not lost. By acting together through NEW HEALTH the wishes of many thousands of New Zealanders can be made into a powerful lobbying force.

What does it cost?
There is currently no fee to become a member and no on going subscription costs. Members will be advised of any proposed changes to this policy and may resign at any time.

Who can join?
Anyone can join whether they are an individual, a business or another group which supports the work and principles of NEW HEALTH

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