A new era of health has arrived – health reform focused on the consumer.

New Health New Zealand Inc is a non-profit, incorporated society acting as a national umbrella organization to be the voice of everyone who cares about the health system in New Zealand.

New Health is not affiliated to any political party and will bring together consumers, leading industry, practitioner and consumer groups to work as a combined force for health reform.

New Health and groups like it are the future of democracy – based on people power instead of being dollar driven – demanding that our Parliament acts in the best interest of the people it represents.

New Health is committed to;

  • Creating a system focusing on best health outcomes for consumers
  • Demanding accountability from the health system and health providers
  • Promoting health not selling sickness
  • Providing a single coordinated approach to health regulation
  • Supporting businesses that put consumers first
  • Change the focus from symptom control to addressing underlying causes
  • Encouraging health innovation

Why do we need New Health?

There is a growing sense of unease that health regulations are failing in their basic role which is to act in the best interests of consumers and to act as a barrier between those consumers and rampant corporate greed. While over regulation threatens to kill off health choices and innovation, in other areas dangerous products are able to harm many thousands of people with barely any accountability, double standards need to be challenged.

Over regulation doesn’t protect consumers, it creates and protects monopolies. The future of health is, sensible regulation encouraging innovation with accountability.

No one cares about your health as much as you do;
JOIN NOW to become a part of the future -It costs nothing to play your part.

Together we can change the health system for the better.