Anti-fluoride bid fails
A High Court Judge has thrown out an application by opponents of fluoride trying to force the Ministry of Health to treat it as a medicine and regulate the amount added to tap water.
Anti-fluoride group New Health New Zealand had claimed it was absurd that fluoride tablets were deemed a medicine under the act but fluoride added to tap water was not.
However, Justice David Collins ruled when Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (HFA) and Sodium Silico Fluoride (SSF) were added to domestic water supplies in New Zealand to produce fluoride concentrations within the current allowable level of 1.5 milligrams per litre they were not medicines within the meaning of the Act.
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Fluoride opponents continue the fight

Dominion Post 3rd Oct 2014

Opponents of fluoride are trying to force the Ministry of Health to treat it as a medicine and regulate the amount added to tap water, the High Court at Wellington has been told.

But even should they succeed, the ministry plans to exempt immediately fluoride added to public water supplies from the Medicines Act.

Lisa Hansen, for anti-fluoride group New Health New Zealand, told the court yesterday it was absurd that fluoride tablets were deemed a medicine under the act but fluoride added to tap water was not.

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Fluoride Litigation – New Health NZ Inc v South Taranaki District Council (High Court)

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  1. Judgment
    Decision of Rodney Hansen J dated 7 March 2014
  2. Pleadings
    Amended statement of claim
    Statement of defence to amended statement of claim
  3. Attorney-General’s application to intervene
    Application to intervene
    Memorandum in support of application
    Minute of Heath J (No 3)
  4. Plaintiff’s evidence (New Health)
    1st Affidavit of David Menkes
    2nd Affidavit of David Menkes
    Affidavit of Martin Ferguson
    Affidavit of David Sloan
    Affidavit of Kathleen Thiessen
    Affidavit of Stamoulis Litras
    Affidavit of Mark Atkin
    Paul Connett’s affidavit
  5. Defendant’s evidence (South Taranaki District Council)
    Whyman affidavit
    Wilkinson affidavit
    Pryor affidavit
    Simmons affidavit
    McMillan affidavit
    Haisman-Welsh affidavit
  6. Attorney-General (intervener’s) evidence
    Affidavit of Stewart Jessamine
  7. Submissions
    Plaintiff’s submissions
    Defendant’s submissions
    Attorney-General’s submissions

Media statement on behalf of David Sloan, Chairman of New Health New Zealand Inc. 

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Fight to remove fluoride taken to Court of Appeal

-NZ Herald

A group fighting the fluoridation of New Zealand water supplies is taking its battle to the Court of Appeal.
New Health NZ Inc today filed a notice of appeal against a recent High Court decision upholding the lawfulness of water fluoridation by councils.
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Media statement on behalf of David Sloan, Chairman of New Health New Zealand Inc. 

New Health has read the decision and respectfully disagrees with the judge’s interpretation of the Local Government Act, Health Act and NZ Bill of Rights Act.  In particular it disagrees with the judge’s view that fluoridation is not medical treatment for the purposes of s 11 of the Bill of Rights.

It will appeal the decision.

There is a persuasive and respectable body of scientific and medical evidence that water fluoridation is of doubtful benefit and there are risks of harm.

In today’s consumer-enlightened era, people should have the choice whether or not to ingest something that has a claimed therapeutic purpose.

No other public health measure removes a person’s choice in the same way as fluoridation.

Comparing water fluoridation with water chlorination and iodised salt is simply wrong.  Iodine is an essential nutrient but fluoride is not.  Further people have a choice whether to buy iodised or non-iodised salt.

Water chlorination treats the water by eliminating bacteria, whereas fluoride claims to treat dental decay.  These purposes are quite different.

New Health is concerned at some of the implications of the decision.  For example on its face it permits councils to put medicines such as the claimed mood-enhancer lithium in the water supply.  Additionally the water supply potentially could be a delivery system for vaccines.

Delivering medication this way is contrary to medical ethics as its fails to control for dose, individual need and sensitivities, and overrides individual consent.

Kind regards

Dave Sloan

New health NZ Inc

New Health New Zealand Incorporated has employed Wellington Barrister Lisa Hansen to challenge the South Taranaki District Council on their decision to fluoridate the water supply. The hearing is scheduled for 25-26 November 2013. Further updates will be posted on the website after the hearing.

Poison Control Statistics Prove Supplements’ Safety

(OMNS Feb 23, 2007) There was not even one death caused by
vitamins in
2005, according to the most recent statistics available from
the US
National Poisoning and Exposure Database. The 129-page annual
of the American Association of Poison Control Centers published
in the
journal Clinical Toxicology (1) shows zero deaths from multiple
vitamins; zero deaths from any of the B vitamins; zero deaths
vitamins A, C, D, or E; and zero deaths from any other vitamin.
Over half of the U.S. population takes daily vitamin supplements.
if each of those people took only one single tablet per day,
makes 145,000,000 individual doses per day, for a total of
over 53
billion doses annually. Since many persons take additional
the numbers are considerably higher, and the safety of vitamins
the more remarkable… link coming

Judgment won today in the Alberta courts
against Health Canada

28 July 2006

This is a major victory in Canada for the use of nutritional products.
The trial was won on the basis of a necessity defense and due diligence.
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Read an article about the judgment from the CBC National News site.
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Taken from Checkpoint on 20 Oct 2006

”For those people that believe in Natural Medicines,
they (NZ First) have stopped the Therapeutic Bill
that would have included all Natural Medicines being run by a Trans
Tasman Agency. That’s Stopped”!!

Full Version – From Checkpoint on 20 Oct 06, click
on Focus on Politics.
If you have Windows Media Player you should be able to listen to
the audio.

Slide the time bar along to 9-40 mins finishes at
9-55 mins.


Errors Cost 30pc of Health Budget
06 July 2006

Injuries and illness suffered when healthcare goes wrong is “a
critical issue”, swallowing 30c of every $1 spent on health,
says a parliamentary select committee. Read