About Us.

New Health New Zealand Inc is an incorporated society formed in 2005 in response to the over whelming dissatisfaction of New Zealand consumers with their health system.

It will provide co-ordination between all sectors of the health industry and health consumers.

It aims to ensure that the views shared by members are properly represented and the industries protected at a time when these industries are coming under increasing attack from pharmaceutical interests and regulators alike.

The primary purpose of NEW HEALTH is to ask what effect any health regulation would have on the end consumer and ensure that the true, unbiased welfare of those consumers is the primary consideration in any health decisions. It has been formed in response to a concern that while the regulators may claim to act in the consumers best interest, the effect may be quite the opposite.

NEW HEALTH focuses on the facts in any given situation, not the politics or commercial pressures. NEW HEALTH has been established to act as an objective watchdog of health reform with a set of entrenched principles which determine all actions of the society. In this way all members can have confidence that the organisation will only act in accordance with the views that have been the basis of them joining. To view these principles click here.

NEW HEALTH will continue the work that the NZ Health Trust has been doing watching over proposed law changes and ensuring that the health freedoms of New Zealanders are not lost. By acting together through NEW HEALTH the wishes of many thousands of New Zealanders can be made into a powerful lobbying force.